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Stress & conflict management


Stress and Conflict Management in Vienna

Conflicts between employees can lead to a higher stress level and to a reduced performance. The individual often feels overwhelmed and can not reconcile the various aspects of his or her life.

In our stress management and conflict management workshop in Vienna, we work specifically on your challenges and problems.

Conflict Management - Dissolve Tensions within the company

The workday should run satisfactorily and harmoniously for all individuals involved. If changes happen in your enterprise, conflicts may influence the efficiency of teams. If the problem can not be solved independently, I recommend my team-building workshop for conflict management in Vienna.

Problems may occur due to conflicts of different values ​​and needs between the generations. Young people often prefer working mobile and flexible hours while others may resist change or prefer clear structures and a stable working environment. Conflict Management in Vienna helps you to mediate between the generations.

stress management through effective goal setting and work-life balance

How satisfied are you currently with your professional situation? Do you suffer from chronic stress? If you are planning on changing your career or planning the next steps on your career ladder, I can provide professional guidance. Coaching for Stress Management in Vienna will assist you in developing goals and strategies for achieving them.

Preventing Burnout by Work-life balance coaching is an important issue for stress management in Vienna. Together with the coachee I develop effective ways to find satisfaction and to be energized and motivated in all areas of life.

If you want to learn more about my offers on stress management and conflict management in Vienna get in touch with me!