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Marilyn Hamminger

Professional coaching from Marilyn Hamminger in Vienna: more satisfaction, success, balance and enjoyment of work

Have you already reached your full potential? I coach people and companies so that they can learn from their experiences, define new targets for more satisfaction, success, balance and job satisfaction and achieve their goals. Get in touch with me if you want to learn more about professional coaching in Vienna!

Contact can also be made via online media! - (Facebook, Xing, Twitter or LinkedIn)

My Mission

I attend to people experiencing changes in life and in business. By defining new goals and milestones my clients can reach their full potential and live a life that is characterized by contentment, joy, success, motivation and Life Balance.

I was born in Kenya. With my many years abroad in Europe and Africa, 22 years of professional experience in international companies and my degree in "Executive management, specializing in business training and coaching" I coach individuals and teams to reach their desired change issues and achieve their self appointed goals.

If you need individual professional coaching in Vienna in order to achieve all this, see you soon at a non-binding and free initial consultation!

Coaching for your professional development

If you want to master career moves or are planning to change, I will accompany you. What are the goals and challenges that you have? The motto is "helping people to help themselves": With my support, you will develop new ways of thinking. With professional coaching in Vienna you will independently develop strategies to cope with the tasks ahead.

If you are constantly stressed out or feel powerless and demotivated, you should think about a change. Do not wait until you are burned out! With professional coaching in Vienna you will learn to define your priorities. The various areas of life will be aligned for more satisfaction and energy.

Manage change - team collaboration

There can be various reasons for conflicts between employees in the company: Departments being restructured, new executives or employees joining the department or the generations colliding demands and needs. Professional coaching in Vienna helps with team workshops to mediate between the positions.

Based on the corporate culture and value systems, concepts for better management are developed - within teams and between generations. Roles are redistributed and rules set for a harmonious and productive cooperation. In addition professional coaching will help you manage knowledge and make it available where it is needed.