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Coaching for Expatriates



Living Learning Working attends to the needs of expatriates and their families after being assigned to Vienna. You might be asking yourself:

How can I get more out of my stay in Vienna during the assignment?

  • By getting to know and learning more about the Austrian culture
  • Integrating my family better into the new environment and facilitating the stay for the entire family
  • Guiding my spouse and family in finding a new vocation
  • Establishing a new identity in a new environment by building up networks
  • Living my values and expectations

How can I network better with others either expatriates or persons with similar interests?

How can I manage the obstacles and overall change that is part of leaving one’s home country?

How can I improve life balance for me and my family?

My mission is to facilitate all of the above by regular coaching and mentoring sessions which will lead to more enjoyment during your assignment and make your stay in Vienna more memorable and comfortable.

I offer customized programmes including a non-binding initial contact, one to one meetings, sessions per phone or Skype, networking events and e-mail support. I am looking forward to a successful cooperation! Learn more in a personal meeting.

About Marilyn Hamminger:

  • Born in Nairobi/Kenya in 1969
  • Married to an Austrian
  • Grown up and lived in, Altmünster, Dublin, Machakos, Munich, Nairobi, Vienna
  • 22 Years of business experience in global companies and environments
  • Knowledge about cultural differences of different countries
  • Extensive business and coaching experience
  • Academic degrees in Business and Executive Management
  • A passion for people
  • Member of International Coach Federation -ICF