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Learning processes in companies

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Your seminar on knowledge management in Vienna

Various generations come together in the workplace, each with their own experiences and knowledge. The knowledge of elder workers is valuable for companies and should not be lost. In the seminar on Knowledge Management, I show you how to preserve useful know-how and pass it on to young employees.

If elder workers retire there can be a loss of knowledge which takes a considerable amount of time to retrieve. On the other hand young employees can provide creativity, energy and motivation. Balance your work force for higher productivity.

The focus, therefore, is an effective and sustainable generation management for companies: How can young learn from old? The new employees from the long-term employees and the other way around? These are the central questions that will be clarified in my seminar on knowledge and age management in Vienna.

Effectively manage information in the company

The work is done in teams. In this case, the following sequence of actions points has proved to be effective: The first step is a conversation with the manager to define values ​​and goals. What knowledge must be retained and managed? In the Seminar on knowledge management concepts will be developed, how to transfer know-how through communicative exchange between the generations.

The use of IT and telecommunications is an important issue in my seminar on knowledge management in Vienna. How does each individual cope with the information overload in everyday professional life? A topic that frequently needs to be clarified is the availability of employees through online collaboration and mobile phones.

Always Online and Available?

In recent years technology has developed rapidly. This is increasingly more noticeable in everyday work. On the one hand, the communication is efficient, on the other hand, employees suffer from the feeling of having to be constantly available - even outside working hours. During the seminar on knowledge management in Vienna the use of modern technical aids is discussed and managed.

New technologies such as email, mobile phones and online collaboration should not be a burden, but can be a great support in the work processes. In the course of the seminar on knowledge management all stakeholders are aligned, in order to achieve the best possible solution for all parties in accordance to the business values. Employees learn to effectively employ the communications media and at the same time contribute to the business and individual values!