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Life Balance and burnout prevention in Vienna

More and more employees are overwhelmed with their work or feel the need to be constantly available. Work should be designed so that it is energizing and meaningful and at the same time is in a sustainable balance with the other areas of life such as family and hobbies. People can find a new purpose in life with life balance coaching. Take advantage of my offer for burnout prevention in Vienna!

With workshops for groups and individual coaching I attend to people in organizations by setting the right priorities. The long term goal is to live a life characterized by joy in life, having fun at work, curiosity and satisfaction. The events for burnout prevention in Vienna teach individuals and teams to balance all aspects of life.

More energy and vitality in the job

If you are a manager or a team leader, the workshops for burnout prevention in Vienna are a sensible investment. The measures will lead to a higher energy level of your employees and better health for all employees and their families. The end result is a measurably higher productivity and motivation in your company!

Life Balance workshops and burnout prevention in Vienna include the following items:

  • Sovereign dealing with change processes
  • Visions and business values according to your corporate culture
  • Individual coaching in business issues for your executives

How can your company achieve the desired productivity and at the same time relieve the employee? This is one of the core questions that we clarify in detail. This is done by mediation between the interests, values ​​and needs of all parties involved. The workshop on burnout prevention in Vienna generates new rules for a new co-operation that lead to a productive and respectful collaboration.

Individual coaching for employees

Are your employees constantly under stress and feel uncomfortable? In individual coaching and burnout prevention in Vienna we focus in detail on your individual professional and personal situation. With my help you develop own solutions to adequately deal with the demands of your job and generate an optimal work-life balance.

Do you want to learn more about workshops and coaching? For questions regarding the offer for burnout prevention in Vienna, I will be happy to help. You can reach me by telephone and via the contact form.