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Coaching for Teams and Team Building in Vienna

How harmonious and productive are you teams? How satisfied is the individual with the situation at work? Is the communication according to your standards? With professional team building in Vienna, I will contribute to a more results-oriented and respectful collaboration in your teams and departments!

This can be a neutral place in which team workshops or team meetings can be conducted in order to improve communication.

The measures provided in team coaching and team building in Vienna are advisable if:

  • Departments or companies are restructured or newly adapted
  • New managers or team members join the team
  • A new team is formed

Change Management - Shaping Change

My workshop on team building in Vienna especially makes sense during change processes. Companies need to remain flexible and adapt to new challenges. Unfortunately restructuring often leads to discontent in the workforce. Lack of communication and the resulting uncertainty can have consequences for individual employees:

  • Feeling powerless
  • rumors
  • fluctuation
  • Conflicts with colleagues

After the event "Team building in Vienna", the group should be able to shape change and actively take on individual tasks in accordance with the guidelines. This gives each individual more security and promotes the acceptance of the respective measures.

Team Building in Vienna - An Overview

How do you want to design the interaction in your department in the future? During the workshops, business value systems are established ​​and roles and responsibilities are divided. Processes and rules are defined and created. The members agree on a communication culture that leads to less friction and efficient cooperation.

Coaching for Teams in Vienna contains the following elements:

  • Individual coaching for your managers
  • Establishing visions and working principles according to your corporate culture and implementing them
  • Two to three team workshops at intervals of about half a year
  • final presentation

Request your individual offer any time! I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you!