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What is coaching?


target Group

Anyone who intends to further develop personal skills and / or manage a crisis. Managers at all levels. Whether to use the top-down or bottom-up approach is a matter of opinion in professional circles.The top-down approach is frequently used because of the rapid spread of new ideas and behaviors.

Teams or groups with a focus on a specific common goal.

Trigger in businesses can be:

  • Results of evaluation measures
  • Assessment Center
  • Management Audit
  • 360 ° feedback
  • Leadership development measures
  • Assistance in restructuring
  • Assistance with career moves
  • Preparation for new tasks
  • Identified deficiencies in the area of ​​personal skills
  • Knowledge transfer

Coaching has always pursued a solution-oriented, practical approach that can show the below results in a relatively short time:

  • Problems and their causes are identified
  • Solutions  are found by the client / coachee and not the coach and thus offer the best individual solution
  • Personal alternatives are generated
  • New thinking and behavior is generated, which leads to new results
  • The awareness about a persons  own capabilities is expanded, resulting in new energy and motivation
  • Weaknesses are reduced or eliminated
  • Strengths are increased

Coaching always helps people to help themselves and therefore gives the client / coachee own responsibility in the development process.