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Coaching & Mentoring in working life

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Career Coaching and Mentoring in Vienna

How satisfied are you with your current job situation? Do you want to change or to achieve certain goals for yourself or your department? Are there any current challenges within the company to deal with? Targeted career coaching in Vienna assists on your way to reaching your goals.

My many years of professional experience in international companies and my extensive training allow me to conduct mentoring, take out effective measures and supportive interventions in the career coaching process.

First, an awareness is established that there are issues that need to be solved. The triggers in companies to choose career coaching in Vienna, can be quite different:

  • Results of evaluation measures
  • Assessment centers, management audits, 360-degree feedback and many more
  • Measures for management development
  • Desire for assistance in personal career moves or restructuring in the company
  • Preparation for new tasks
  • Identified deficiencies in the area of ​​personal development
  • Conflicts and stress in professional life and the threat of Burnout
  • Know How transfer

Individual coaching always pursues a solution-oriented, practical approach, which leads to results in a relatively short time:

  • Problems and their causes are detected.
  • Solutions are found by the client with guidance by the career coach (as opposed to mentoring and counseling).
  • The Coachee is seen with his or her special attributes. The range of personal alternatives becomes larger.
  • New thinking and behavior is generated, which leads to new results.
  • Awareness of one's own possibilities is expanded, resulting in new energy and motivation.
  • Weaknesses are reduced or eliminated, strengths increased.

New awareness about patterns of behavior and ways of thinking

The coaching process leads to a new awareness of own behaviors and the underlying thought patterns and beliefs.

The change that is possible with career coaching in Vienna is conducted by finding the assumptions and beliefs that are responsible for limiting and unwanted behavior and defining new beliefs that lead to more success and satisfaction.

Target groups for the career coaching in Vienna:

  • Anyone who has a desire to continue developing and / or manage a crisis, especially in a professional context
  • Managers at all levels
  • Teams or groups with a particular focus on a common goal

Career Coaching in Vienna

Career coaching in Vienna is always helping people help themselves. The coachee is responsible for the development process. The coachee develops solutions with the support of the coach. This automatically leads to greater acceptance and greater willingness to implement than well-meaning advice from the outside.

Coaching always requires the willingness to change and the active participation of the client. Thus the focus is directed to oneself and away from the others and their behavior. Victim attitude is replaced by a new 'ownership' at Career Coaching in Vienna. Challenges are met by actively working on a solution.

Mentoring and Career Counseling

In addition to professional coaching, I offer mentoring as career counseling and support during change processes. Are you looking for a new job? Do you want more (or less) responsibility? With my experience, I offer solutions and work on a new career goal with the coachee.

In addition to mentoring and career coaching in Vienna I teach my expertise to managers and job seekers. The following questions may be the focus of knowledge transfer: How do I perform employee interviews? How can I prepare for an assessment center? My expertise from many years of professional experience and my master in business economics and executive management will lead to your success.